Tito Miguel Costa
Refactoring ideas


My name is Tito Miguel Costa, I'm from Portugal, and I'm a certified PHP web developer.


Back in 2007, I took my degree in Science and Computer Technology at the University of Azores.

In 2011, I completed the first year studies of Master in Multimedia at the University of Oporto.


Since my early days as a programmer, my passion has always been the development of web sites and applications applying the most modern patterns and technolgies using Open Source code.

After having a go with several frameworks in the PHP world, Symfony has been my choice for the last couple of years, using Zend packages when needed.


I have developed small to mid size web applications, please take a look at some of my projects and code.


I like to play online chess, you can meet on chess.com. Feel free to challenge me for a game.


Feel free to contact me, share your project and ideas. Good colaborations are always welcome.


Take a look at my CV on LinkedIn or download a PDF copy.